Workshop: Network Programmability

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You’ve learned networking skills in courses like CCNA R&S: Routing and Switching Essentials. Now is your chance to really put them into practice using the hottest programmable networking devices with this 8-hour workshop. You’ll hone skills in operating a controller-based network and automating management tasks using Cisco APIC-EM controllers in the virtual Cisco DevNet Sandbox — just like the professionals!. Plus, you’ll get to join and participate in several professional software developer communities-of-practice such as Cisco DevNet, GitHub, and Stack Overflow. The workshop assumes you have CCENT [link to CCNA R&S RSE course] or equivalent networking skills and basic programming knowledge, as found in PCAP: Programming Essentials in Python.



  • Move from hearing buzzwords to having real hands-on experience with “SDN”, “Network Programmability”, and “REST APIs”.
  • Interact with programmable devices using real-world APIs on Cisco APIC-EM programmable controllers.
  • Use software concepts and tools relevant to network programmability including Python scripting, Git, JSON, Postman, and APIs.
  • Join developer professional communities such as Cisco DevNet, GitHub, and Stack Overflow.