Workshop: REST APIs using Cisco Spark

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Expand your programming knowledge by using real-world skills in this 8-hour workshop.  Interact with the Cisco Spark collaboration platform and learn to extend an application’s capabilities using REST API technologies.  Plus, you’ll join and participate in several professional software communities-of-practice, such as Cisco DevNet, GitHub, and Stack Overflow.  The workshop assumes you have basic programming knowledge as found in PCAP: Programming Essentials in Python.


  • Move from hearing buzzwords to having real hands-on experience with how “REST APIs” support the “Programmability” of applications.
  • Learn why Python is the high-demand software language for network programmability, and use it with developer tools like JSON and Postman.
  • Develop your first application on a real-world cloud collaboration platform, Cisco Spark.
  • Join developer professional communities such as Cisco DevNet, GitHub, and Stack Overflow.